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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

A Bunch of Stuff!

Hi everyone!  I have a bunch of different things to share with you.  First, I added a new feature to my blog.  You can enter your email address and every time I post a new blog you'll get an email message.  Go to "Subscribe to my blog" and enter your email address and click subscribe.  It's that easy!!

Last week I went to visit my BFF (her name is Lori too - I swear!!).  She lives about an hour away and has the most beautiful, amazing house!  I need to get pictures and share them with you all.  Anyway, there was a new thrift store that just opened up and we just HAD to go check it out.  The place was huge!!  I bought a candle stick (I will be spray painting it black - shocking, I know!) and a bag of metal cookie cutters.  I ended up getting a large glass jar at Wal-mart for the cookie cutters and put them in my dining room.  Check out the pics:

Cute huh? A girl can never have too many candlesticks!

On Labor Day, I went to visit my grandparents and came home with more goodies!!  My gram had a bunch of old books - really old, like from the early 1900's!! - and I brought 6 of them home.  They aren't really worth much to anyone else but for me, well, I love that kind of stuff!  There are all kinds of notes and writings in them, some from my gram & gramps and some from relatives that I didn't even know!  I put them all around in my family room and even framed a map that was in one of them.  Check it out:

Don't they look cute on my side table!!

Here is the map that I framed - love it!!

A few other things I am working on.  First, the bay window in my kitchen.  I have roman shades up but am trying to find something to jazz them up a little.  I've been all over blog-land looking for ideas!!
Boring!  Needs some fabric and color.

I'm also trying to spruce up my family room in the basement.  I got this pillow at Kirkland's (got a great deal!) and am heading in the black & cream direction. We finished our basement about 9 years ago - handyman hubby did all the work (with my help, of course) except the carpet.  We practically live in our basement.  The "big" TV is down there and all the gaming systems.  Plus, handyman hubby works from home and his office is in the basement.  I have an area for my crafts and scrapbooking too.  So, hopefully I will get something done soon and have pictures for you!

I love this pillow!  It was on sale and I had a coupon.  Doesn't get better than that!
Thanks for all the wonderful comments I've received.  I love reading them and hope you all are enjoying my blog.  Remember to "Follow" my blog and sign up for email updates!!!

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