Monday, November 29, 2010

Gumdrops and Guinea Pigs . . .

I hope everyone had a safe and wonderful Thanksgiving. The Christmas decorations are out at my house!  Woo hoo! Geez that's a lot of work!

Now onto the title of this post . . . the gumdrops are in reference to my gumdrop topiaries I made a few years ago. They are super easy and make a great gift.

The only supplies you need are foam cones (I got mine at Michael's) and lots and lots of gumdrops. I used my glue gun but I think craft glue would work too. Just start at the bottom and work up to the top. I made these about 4 years ago and they have held up really well. If a gumdrop falls off, I just glue it back on.

Here's my super duper jumbo gumdrop topiary. This one took A LOT of gumdrops and glue but I love it!

I'm sure you're all wondering what guinea pigs have to do with gumdrops. Well, nothing really. I just thought the title sounded cute . . . and oh yeah, we took care of a guinea pig over Thanksgiving. My daughter Hannah is in the 4th grade and her class has a pet guinea pig named Ginger. We volunteered to take care of her over the Thanksgiving break.

Hannah really wants a guinea pig so we thought it would be nice to take care of Ginger and "see how it goes". Our biggest concern was how our dog Jake would react. He sniffed her and walked away. I think he wanted to make sure she wasn't another dog! Looks like Santa needs to go guinea pig shopping!!

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  1. Guinea Pigs are adorable & can have great personalities. I had one years back named Neener. Neener would hang with the four cats & the rabbit I had. One of my cats, Little Harvey, would wake Neener up in the morning by balancing on the edge of her aquarium & patting her on the forehead. They can be a great addition to the family but do require work & attention. Have fun!

  2. They are sweet...the gumdrop trees AND guinea pig!

  3. My son wants a guinea pig too! Love the gumdrops! Would love for you to visit me and link up to Made with Love Monday at Sew Chatty!

  4. This is cute! Love the sweet decor! I am featuring this at Grab my "featured" button.

  5. Oh I love your sweet Gumdrop tree! The Guinea Pig is adorable...but I have already been there and done that! I think it is a good way for our children to learn how to take care of something. Happy Holidays to you!

  6. Lori, I love your gumdrop tree. Such a sweet post (get it?) I wonder if I might ask you to please indicate that you are participating in the Boardwalk Bragfest? Thanks so much!

  7. Hi, I'm visiting from Twice Owned Tuesday. Those trees are very cute, but I think they'd make me hungry.

  8. Yummy--the tree that is, not the rodent. Thanks for sharing!

  9. Super Sweet! I like them! I'd need a bowl of them next to them, just to eat! :)
    You should come link this up to my weekly Thursday Making It With Allie Link Party! I think it would make a Fabulous addition!


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