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Friday, June 17, 2011

I'm A Copy Cat . . . Again!

Yes, you read that correctly. I've gone and copied another idea - actually 2 ideas. Remember the stool/plant stand idea I copied from Maillardville Manor ? Well, this time I found some photo's online and decided to copy them.

First up is this stack of old papers and book pages. 

Here is my version:

Pretty cool huh? It was super duper easy too! Here's what I did. I took some old books and ripped off the covers. Then I ripped out small chunks of pages and soaked them in tea.

Umm, yummy!

After they soaked for a few minutes I was going to set them outside to dry but a thunderstorm rolled in and it was pouring down rain. Not a problem. I just went to Plan B.

Yep, that's my cookie cooling rack. Handyman Hubby and my kiddos thought I was crazy but hey, it worked!

So after the pages were dry (well, mostly dry, I'm kinda impatient) I added some old receipts from my garage sale finds. Then I tied everything up with some twine and added a tag.

I know, I know. I'm pretty awesome at being a copycat. He he!!

Okay, onto Project Copycat #2. This one is really easy to do. Seriously, I think it took less than 5 minutes.

I started with this picture:

A glass jar with Scrabble tiles inside. Doesn't get any easier than that.

Here's my version:

I put some old Dominos instead of Scrabble tiles into this glass jar. Add some twine, tag, an old key and you're done!

This was so much fun! I love rummaging around my house looking for stuff to make copy! 

Now go and copy someone so I'm not the only one!!

Have a great day!

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  1. Lori...I am a copy cat too and I am going to copy off of you!! Love how the books turned out. Going to have to try this soon! Thanks :)

  2. Now...since Andrea is copy copy you...I have to copy..Andrea..copy copy you!!! Really love the jar!

  3. Lori, I copy sometimes too. :) While I'm one of those who can't bring myself to rip covers off of books, I do love the look with the old documents, the domonoes in the jar and ribbon and twine around the books. Your tutorial was great and I'm copying the look of your vignette. I have lots of old keys to tie on a jar and a set of old dominoes just sitting in a box... so I'm all set. Thanks for the ideas. and thanks for following..I'm now following you..:)

  4. Too cute! It's hard not to copy something so cute!

  5. Those turned out great and look so similar to your inspiration.