Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Library Updates

I made a lot of progress on the Library/Sitting Room over the past few days. The walls are painted and I absolutely love the color!

The wall color is Frappe (Valspar). Doesn't the room look so different with the red paint gone? Excuse all the mess in the background. That is where the Ikea Billy bookcases are going. We're getting 3 bookcases and are going to attach them together then trim them out with moulding. I also purchased some white candles to replace the brown ones in the chandelier. 

As you can see from the photo, I painted my table and put new slipcovers on the chairs.

The table was given to me by my grandma and I had originally painted it black. I wanted to lighten it up so I painted the legs White Room - the same color as our trim, doors and kitchen cabinets. I used my free Aquatic Mist Valspar paint sample for the top of the table. I just love that color!! 

The new slipcovers are from Walmart. I got a great deal on them but they were too beige so I decided to bleach them. I love how they turned out!

This chest of drawers belongs to Handyman Hubby. It is the only piece we have left from his childhood bedroom set. I gave it a fresh coat of paint and replaced the knobs. It's great for extra storage space and I've filled every drawer!  ; ) 

This view is looking towards the front door and coat closet. I am keeping the small table there and hope to find a round mirror to hang above it. I also want to find a small lamp for the table.

After looking at this picture, I think the orange-y wood by the stairs needs to be painted white. What do you think? That is the same stain that was on my kitchen cabs and I don't like the way it looks next to the new paint and white trim.

There is still A LOT left to do but I've got my list and we're heading to Ikea this weekend! I think getting the bookcases in there and all the crap books off the floor will help a lot!


  1. Looking good. I like the new room color and also the table top.

  2. What happened to your new hooks you created? are they in a different spot? I thought they were on right wall (in the picture). Katharine


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