Friday, January 6, 2012

Favorite Things Friday

Happy Friday! Today I'm sharing one of my favorite things that also happens to be turquoise! 

I purchased this lined journal at Hallmark over a year ago. It is still empty. I have not written one dang word in it.

I told myself I was going to start writing every day . . . even if it was just a few sentences. 

Umm, it's January 6th and the journal is still empty. Why is it so hard to start something new? 

In my defense (lord knows I need one!) I just got over a horrible cold and then just when I started feeling better I got a migraine. It was a doozy too. Lasted 2 days and I still don't feel back to normal.

Look at how purdy she is! I love the faux croc cover and silver edged pages.

I'm not sure if Hallmark sells these anymore but you can find similar journals here.

Have an awesome weekend!


  1. Hope you feel better soon. Miagraines are not fun, I get them too..uhg! I have a journal by the side of my bed and it's empty too. Same thing, I tell myself I need write the little things down each day, but it hasn't happened yet. I just think it would be a good thing for my girls to read someday when I am gone...let's hold each other accountable and start journaling. Deal?

  2. Haha I have a "new" journal next to the computer to jot down inspiration etc.... Its also blank. I keep promising myself I will write in it soon. Sorry to hear you havnt been feeling to good. I suffer from awful migraines that usually land me in the emergency room so I know how yuck it feels. Hope your on the mend. Nat - ps love the colour turquoise too....

  3. That is a very pretty journal, Lori, but I can never stick to writing in one either. Just too many things to do everyday, I think. I get migraines occasionally also but I never had one last 2 days ~ yikes! Hope you're feeling better. (I love your new header. Beautiful photos!)


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