Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Just A Few Changes . . .

Hey everybody! I hope you're having a
good week so far. I decided to spruce 
up a little area in my hallway.

Here is the area I'm talking about . . .

It wasn't bad but just kind of blah. My budget
for this area was ,well, zero! I 
"shopped" my house for stuff to use and
found this . . .

This little clock was in our garage until I
did the "mudroom" makeover. It wasn't 
big enough for us to see when we
were outside so I bought a new one
for the garage.

It was the perfect size but not the right color.
So I popped out the plastic cover and painted
it black. Perfect and FREE!

I love the message board but it needed
some sprucing up too. Out came the 
aqua paint and it looks like new
again! FREE!

I took the letter "S" from Handyman Hubby's
office. It was brown and I painted it
white. I don't think he even noticed
it's gone!  : )  FREE!

Here's a look at the hallway now . . .

Just a few little changes and
 it was all FREE!!!
It's not a huge difference but
just enough to brighten up
this area.

BEFORE . . .

                    AFTER . . .

Have an awesome day!

One of my friends just started a blog and I know it's going to be
 fabulous! I'd love for you to
 stop by and give her some
Thanks - you all are the best!

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  1. Very cute Lori! You are so good at accomplishing things on a small (or zero) budget. You made it much more cheerful and cohesive with the rest of your house.

  2. I love the "S"! Great job! Thank you for mentioning my new blog, Lori! You're the best! I will be posting again soon!

  3. I love how even the purse changed colors! hahahaha! Looks very nice!

  4. Its amazing how just adding a couple of things can make a big difference! It looks great! Thanks for sharing at Thursday's Temptation.

  5. Hi Lori! Just found your blog through Two Yellow Birds. I love your style and what you've done with your home. It looks so warm and inviting!

  6. Lori, You did a great job and your hallway area is so welcoming. Don't you love it when you can spruce things up and it costs nothing...or next to nothing?
    Happy Weekend,and thanks for visiting with a sweet comment.
    Upstairs Downstairs

  7. Yahoo, you are good and didn't spend any money...I need to take some advice from you my friend! Love how you incorporated the blue. Hope to catch up with you soon :)
    Happy Sunday!


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