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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Even Steven's Twin??

Hey my friends! Today's post has absolutely 
nothing to do with decorating or being thrifty.

One of my favorite blogs that I read every.single.day
is My Life and Kids. Anna writes about her 3 kids, hubby and big hairy dog. She refers to her hubby as "Even Steven" and likes to post this photo of him . . .

Sometimes she photoshops his head on different
bodies and it's hilarious!

So where am I going with all of this you ask. The
other day we were in the car and Handyman Hubby
looked over at me and I swear he looked just like
Even Steven! I screamed and whipped out my phone and took a picture! 

Here's a side by side look . . . 

What do you think? Is "Even
Steven" the long lost twin of 
Handyman Hubby?

So now it's official. Handyman Hubby REALLY thinks I'm crazy!

Have an awesome day and go check out Anna's blog
here. I promise you'll get a good laugh!


  1. that was so funny, lol, he sure does look like even Steven's long lost twin, ha ha ha, TFS

  2. BWAHAHAHAHAH I'm dying! That is totally his twin. Can't wait for Even Steven to get home from work so I can show him! :)

  3. haha totally twins! hilarious! found you via the bloghop xo

  4. Definitely twins - separated at birth - and reunited in blogland. hehehe

  5. Oh wow - yes they are twins!!!!! So funny! xx Nat

  6. Of course Eris is better looking!! Edie your MIL

  7. That's uncanny! They even dress alike!