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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Collections Etc.

Hey, hey my friends! Today I am featuring a post by Megan at Collections Etc. She has some great ideas for updating your bathroom on a budget.

When you are on a tight budget, redecorating is often the last thing you think you can afford. Money is tight, and day-to-day expenses take priority. However, there are ways that you can redecorate using very little money while still emphasizing your own style and creativity. Bathrooms are one the easiest and most affordable homes to redecorate, making it a perfect place to start.

Start by thinking about your style and the space you envision for your bathroom. If you don’t have an idea of what you want to do, browse through home décor catalogs or websites for inspiration. A picture may inspire you to create the oasis you’ve dreamed of! Since frugal redecorating is the goal, you’ll find creative ways to recreate what you like. Take that inspiration and run with it--straight to your local thrift or second hand store!

Paint is a high impact, low cost way to get a new look for your bathroom. Paint can be pricey, but start by checking your local hardware or big box home improvement stores. Usually near the paint counters, the store will set up an area where they will have “oops” paint. This is paint that has been incorrectly mixed according to a previous customer’s specifications, or paint that has been returned because a customer doesn’t like it. Someone else’s trash becomes your treasure because these paints are usually sold at a deep discount. Bathrooms aren’t generally very large, so it may only take a few pints to spruce up your space. For an investment of only a few dollars, you’ve got the start of a beautiful new bathroom.

Back at your local thrift or second hand store, you’ll want to look for accessories similar to those you liked in the catalogs and websites. Don’t be afraid to check several different stores; you might not find what you want at the first store. Thrift stores can yield wonderful treasures for very little money. Brand new shower curtains can often be found for pennies on the dollar, but even a slightly used curtain will be “new to you”, and will give your bathroom a new look. Accessories, such as rugs and soap dispensers, can also be found inexpensively. Check everything that you intend to purchase for visible wear and tear since most thrift stores have a no return policy.

Let your family and friends know that you are redoing your bathroom. You may be able to score new accessories for nothing, just by asking! Chances are they’ve recently redone their bathroom and will be happy to share what they are no longer using.

You can also visit local arts and crafts stores for beads and other trinkets that can be used to decorate your bathroom. Not only are these relatively inexpensive, they’re a great do-it-yourself project for you and your family.  
Look around your home for items to be repurposed to use in your bathroom. You may have pictures hanging on the wall in another room that would look perfect in your redesigned bathroom space. Small votive candleholders or old jelly jars can serve as ambient lighting.

With a little thought and creativity, you can turn your bathroom into an oasis, all for very little money.

For affordable bathroom décor check out Collections Etc.

You can also request a free catalog here!

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