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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

The Making Of A Pallet Table

Remember this?
I love this pallet table! It's so awesome! 

I am happy to report that we found a pallet and have started creating our own outdoor pallet table! Yeah!

This is what we started with . . .

I didn't want the table to be that large so Handyman
Hubby cut some of it off.

We (well, Handyman Hubby did) removed the boards from the leftover piece . . .

. . . so we could fill in the gaps.

It's starting to look like a table. Sort of.

We flipped the table over and added some wood
pieces (leftover from another project). The casters will be attached there.

That's where we stopped today. Now I need to go
shopping for casters! 

Here are some that I like . . .


I also have to decide if I want to leave the wood
as it is, stain it or paint it. Any suggestions?


  1. Absolutely love it! Any kind of a moveable table.

  2. i must bow to you for having taken the plunge and found the pallett that your heart desired, you gotta stain the wood or go for the steel wool and vinegar stain, and if it stays outside you have to seal it, cant wait to see which casters you choose i am sure it will turn out beautiful!