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Saturday, June 16, 2012

Not again! and A Pallet Table Update

Well, it seems as if our bad luck has returned. A
few days ago Handyman Hubby was in a minor car
accident. It wasn't his fault and nobody was hurt - thank goodness! A teen driver wasn't paying attention and hit the back bumper. This is the damage to our car. Of course the damage to his car wasn't as bad.

This car has been paid off for a while and doesn't
get driven much. Handyman Hubby works from home
so most of the time it sits in the driveway. That will
change soon because Taylor is getting her driver's
license in about 2 weeks and she'll be driving this car.
Pray for me please!!  : ) 

 On a more positive note, the  pallet table is looking great! The casters are on and it actually looks like a real table!

It still looks really rough but once it's sanded and 
painted it will look a lot better!

I found some paper lanterns in the Target Dollar
Spot. I loved the bright colors so I picked up a few
of them for our tree. I might have to go back and get
a few more and some of the bright pink ones.  : )

The patio is almost finished and I can't wait to
share it with you all! 

The next few days are going to be cra-zee around
here! My mom is coming for a visit (from Colorado) next week and I have some exciting news to share. No, I am NOT pregnant!  : )  Here's a little hint . . .


  1. Did you get a new dog??
    Your pallet table is looking great, you have me curious to what you are going to do with it. Something creative I'm sure :)
    Your landscaping looks so nice you can tell you work hard in your yard.
    Sorry about the accident, but thank goodness no one was hurt. The bumper can be replaced.

  2. ooohhh!!! love the choice in casters, now i am on tender hooks waiting to see how you finish it off......
    bummer about that bumper bashing, sure you can fix that, thank G"d no one got hurt

  3. Sorry about your hubby's accident! My step-son is getting his license soon, too. I love the idea of the pallet table--I am starting to love anything that you can put casters on. And the paper lanterns...too cute! I just picked up a mix of Americana ones at our Dollar Store last night, can't wait to hang them on our back porch where we already have some red, white, and blue going on out there! I will post about our porch soon when I am done with it!!! Have a great visit with your mom!

  4. You are like Mrs. Pinterest!!! I LOVE IT!! Newest follower!

  5. Sorry about the accident. Glad no one was hurt. I love that pallet table idea. I hadn't seen that before, so I can't wait to see the whole patio.

  6. These paper lanterns look like a great decoration for outdoor entertaining during the summer months. Thanks for the ideas.