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Friday, June 22, 2012

Painted Stairs and Stair Runners

Sometime in the near future we want to replace the carpet in all the bedrooms and on the stairs. I love the look of painted or stained stairs, however, with 2 kids and a dog I think a staircase runner is a necessity.

Here are some ideas from StairRunners.us that I just love . . .

StairRunners.us has a wide variety of runners that you can choose from. Click here to get ideas and more info about their Summer Sale.

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  1. Hi, just looking through some of your older blogs and came across this post about stairs. We are in the middle of an unfinished stairs and carpet transformation (by in the middle, it means stalled which I am sure you can relate to). We want to tear off the carpet and replace with wood or paint but we have curved stairs like the one photo above, so its not so simple. Just wondering if you have done any research into this yet and if you have seen any ideas that are good yet frugal.