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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Summer Front Porch

It's officially summer at my house! Yesterday was the last day of school for my kiddos. Now I have a 6th grader that will start Middle School in the fall and a Junior in High School who is about to get her driver's license! 

I'm sure you've noticed that I haven't been posting
as much lately. The end of the school year is always busy around here. I've been dealing with some personal/health issues too. I don't know if I will share all of that here on the ole-blog or not. I like to keep things fun and not delve too much into my personal life. If I decide to share then you will be the first to know!!  : )

Okay, enough of the chit chat and onto some fun
decorating! I finally finished sprucing up the front 
porch for summer.

I didn't make a whole lot of changes from last year.
I still love the wood box I found for $5 at a garage sale! Do you see the rock next to the plant? I wrote "No soliciting" on it with a sharpie! Most sales people ignore it and ring the doorbell anyway but it looks cute!

Here is the wreath I made for the front door. It was
super easy and cheap!

I purchased a wood "S" from Hobby Lobby for $3.49 and some sunflowers for $5.99 (after 40% coupon).
I clipped off the flowers and hot glued them on
the "S". Then I added some decorative ribbon to
hang it from the door. 

New and unique wreath for $9.48!

We're still working on the backyard and patio. The
mulch is finally finished and I've planted lots of flowers. We moved the furniture around on the patio and I really like it! 

I think the next project for the patio might be this . . .


I LOVE that pallet table! 
Anyone know where I can get a free pallet? 

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  1. Hi Lori,

    Sorry to hear you haven't been feeling well. I know what you mean with the end of the school year, C A R A Z Y! My kids finished last week. My son graduated middle school and my girly will be entering 3rd grade. Boy was I an emotional wreck. They are both leaving the school they have been at for 4 years. I must have cried at least half a day on Friday.

    Love your summer look. Love those "Up North" porches and look of the homes. The lettered- wreath; super cute!

    Have a great summer and hope you feel better soon.



  2. such a pity you are across the ocean, i jsut finished making a pallet coffee table for my son and dil for their new home and they dont want it!! i also have another four pallets just itching to be made into something fun, i love what you do on your blog and follow everything!

  3. your front porch is so beautiful. Love the sunflowers.

    Danielle @ Blissful and Domestic

  4. Oh I know the feeling with the kids too. Mine have been out for about two weeks now so finding time to do anything is a chore. Now they want to go to bed at 10pm, I'm praying for patience :)
    I hope you are feeling better and that it's nothing too serious. If you decide to share you know we all support you :)
    Your porch looks so nice and so inviting. I want to come up and sit on front porch and chat!

  5. I love your summer porch. It is beautiful!! Thanks so much for sharing with us at Thursday's Temptation.

  6. Thanks for sharing your porch! Loving the curb appeal - especially while we work on our own! :) That S wreath is FAB! Sorry you're not feeling well.

  7. Now pallets are one thing I can get just about any day of the week around here. I have yet to go and get one because they do not fit in my car (one of the few things) and I always figure I see them all the time that they will be there when I want them. My luck the pallet troves will run dry right when I go looking. Your front porch is so inviting. I hope you find a pallet soon. Find a warehouse area or anywhere industrial or even the back of the grocery store or plant shops, etc. Found your post at At The Picket Fence.

  8. Super cute porch. Love what you've done. Ha! and I really like your subtle message on the rock. Good thinking.

  9. Jeanie A. @ msdaisy86.comJune 9, 2012 at 12:47 AM

    Your porch looks very inviting. Love the letter wreath, how creative you are! I do have a question did you write the WELCOME on the door, or is it a transfer? I would love to have one on my door.I followed you from At the Picket fence.I will follow you from now on, I love your post. Hugs! Jeanie

  10. Hi Lori! I'm featuring your Summer Front Porch tonight at Project Queen's Highlight Party. I LOVE IT! Thanks so much for sharing.

  11. So welcoming, I'd love to come sit and visit a spell!

  12. You have given me an inspiration to get my front porch, at our old house, spruced up and...the "S" monogram is what we need.

  13. Wish I was sitting there a 'rockin away right now!! So lovely. Thanks so much for linking up at Mop It Up Mondays. I'm featuring you tomorrow!

  14. Really love this space, I will be featuring it tomorrow. Hope you feel better.